Company Profile

AltaWise was founded by senior military professional veterans, expert in Mapping & Geospatial, specializing in GIS.

The company provides Consultation and Integration services and has a wide scale experience in building End-To-End Solutions for managing GIS database, 3D mapping solutions.

The company provides Tools and Technologies for civilian, security and ‎military organizations.

The company has the ability to analyze and characterize “off the shelve” products of companies and organizations in order to provide guides in modifying those to be suitable to the specific customers’ needs. Also, AltaWise have business partners all over the world who deal with the GIS realm and know how to connect those needs to their existing products.

The company provides a close care to her customers, starting from the characterizing proposed solutions through implanting the solutions at the wanted environment.

All together and separately – From separate products to complete package

AltaWise will provide you End-To-End Solutions suited to your special purposes